Lost Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada 60 horrific hours later, his motive is lost and vague so far. The real question is why Stephen Paddock amassed all the firearms inside his hotel room before firing down on a crowd of about 20,000 concertgoers late Sunday. Las Vegas shooting: Marilou Danley's relatives speak out

The mystery of mass shootings. Solving The Mystery Of A Mass Shooter

Did anti-anxiety drugs play a role? Solving The Mystery Of A Mass Shooter

What will Paddock’s girlfriend tell authorities now that she has returned from the Philippines? Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend returns to U.S. for questioning.…

How would you like to be the guy who sold the killer his guns? Gun Dealer Who Sold to Vegas Killer: ‘My Gut Fell Out From Underneath Me’

Public safety officials say the killer had meticulous plans, right down to surveillance cameras which allowed him to monitor exterior activity. Meticulous Planning by Las Vegas Gunman Before He Opened Fire