Love Republican Style

Does this father figure make all Americans feel the love from GOP? What's up with the increasingly fractured and dwindling Republican Party? Their leadership claims to love America, but actions speak louder than words, considering what US intelligence has uncovered.

As a former federal manager for the administration of Republican President George HW Bush, I find this appalling, don't you?

What evil lurks in the minds and heart of our national leadership, when you see US meeting with or warming up to Russia, North Korea, and China? WTF is really going on here, folks?

After @POTUS assured the US there was no more threat from #North Korea that nation’s interactions with State Department topper Pompeo described it as regrettable and announced a push to force unilateral denuclearization. Trump's response was to attack American journalists for reporting these developments. At the Singapore photo op US didn’t demand N Korea agree in writing how to denuclearize, #Trump wanted a victory and his peace prize, therefore losing all leverage, The Bolton raised expectations on Pompeo by setting a year deadline. Good one, Magoo... You’ve done it again. Is this what he meant by tired of winning, or just tired.

Why did powerful Republican members of Congress travel to see Vladimir Putin this past week? US Senators Richard Shelby Alabama, Steve Daines Montana, John Thune South Dakota, John Kennedy, Louisiana, Jerry Moran Kansas and John Hoeven North D.akota, and Representative Kay Granger, Texas, left their home districts, where they should have been organizing town halls, sponsoring picnics or maybe even marching in local parades across this great nation to celebrate Independence Day with their constituents?

Why would they prefer to spend this July 4, one of our country's patriotic days in Russia? Demand specific and detailed answers now, before its too late,

Their trip comes amid bilateral planning between #USA and #Russia for next month’s sit-down between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. the #Trump-Putin bromance bears all the classic intelligence officer’s relationship with his sweet asset. POTUS considers it a forbidden friendship and confides in Putin, who stokes Trump’s grievances for Putin’s benefit.

We The People must never be relying on speculation and these actions should be continually setting off warning signs for the future if our Democracy. Contact your Representative. They work for you and remind Trump he works for all of US and The White House is ours.

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