The lowest crime rate in NYC?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/07/2012 - 16:22

NYC councilman Jimmy Vacca (D-Bronx) says the 45th Precinct has the lowest crime rate in the Bronx and possiblu in the entire city.

During an exclusive interview with City Island Images, Vacca said “NYPD's 45th Precinct is leading the way in New York City, and I give much of that credit to Captain Russel Green. He’s involved in every quality of life problem we have. He is hands on and extremely involved in the day-to-day work.”

Green is being lauded by community leaders for a notable reduction in complaints in the Four-Five, which he took over in August, 2010.
While figures indicate that overall crime rose slightly across the Bronx and NYC last year, it dropped by 11.5 % in the 45th, from 1,441 incidents in 2010 to 1,275 in 2011.

The 38 year old Green, is a talented communicator who responds quickly to residents’ concerns. Green has learned from several commanders at other Bronx precincts. He served as executive officer at the 42nd, 43rd and 44th precincts from 2005 to 2010.

The 45th Precinct is a working class community of two- or multi-family houses. The area sprawls from the border with Westchester County to the waterfront of Throgs Neck. It also includes Co-Op City, one of the world’s largest developments, and City Island.

NYPD's 45th Precinct deals with multiple car break-ins and burglaries. In 2011, burglaries decreased by 9.1 %, grand larcenies were down by 17.4 % and robberies, by 10.6 percent.

The precinct had a statistic marked by incongruity or contradiction--a 500 % increase in murders, from just one in 2010 to six in 2011. Two of them were domestic violence cases, two were shootings in Throggs Neck Houses, the precinct’s one public housing complex, and one was a street shooting. The sixth was a body found on Waterbury Ave., but investigators believe that individual victim was probably killed outside the precinct. The investigation continues.