Lunar New Year is almost here

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Lunar New Year is one of the world's most popular cultural events and most certainly in Asia. As a result, cultural gaffes should be avoided to connect with those celebrating this historic event that is no longer just an Asian holiday.

The Year of the Ram, Goat, or Sheep can also be called Asian Lunar New Year, which begins on February 19th as Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese will be celebrating with families and exchanging red envelopes with money inside.

The New Year is a holiday rich with traditions that include special food and events. One of the traditions is giving each other "red-envelopes" with money inside. The significance of red packets is the red paper, not the money, with the hope that by wrapping money in red packets happiness and blessings will be conferred on the recipients. Traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters like happiness and wealth.

Fun Facts about this coming Year: Personality: Those born in the Year of the Ram tend to be adaptable and highly motivated, as well as calm, gentle, creative, thoughtful and honest. The best careers for people born in the Year of the Ram: Advertising, Research, Actor, Painter, Musician, Landscape gardener, TV Anchor, Dancer, Investor.

Famous People Born in Year of the Ram: Kate Hudson, Claire Danes, Gene Hackman, Matt Leblanc, Nicole Kidman, Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Orville Wright, Rudolph Valentino, Diego Luna, Frida Kahlo, George Harrison, Heath Ledger, Jimmy Smits, Julia Roberts, Julio Iglesias, Kevin Costner, Leonard Nimoy, Mark Twain, Mel Gibson, Michelangelo, Mick Jagger, Mikhail Gorbachov, Olga Tañón, Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rosario Dawson, Pamela Anderson, Jane Austen, Anne Bancroft, George Burns, Catherine Deneuve, John Denver, Mel Gibson Buster Keaton, Sir Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Bruce Willis, Debra Winger. The next Lunar New Year to be celebrated will be The Year of the Monkey on February 8, 2016.

This is reportedly the largest human holiday migration in world history and equivalent to almost every American traveling over 10 times during this period. The country's transport network expected to record more than 2.8 billion trips over a 40-day Chinese New Year holiday period.

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