Madam President?

Submitted by ub on Sun, 09/25/2016 - 18:42

Longtime Clinton watchers are amazed over The Clinton’s post–White House escapades, from dubious associations to media blowups which have bruised the campaigns.

First, there was Bill's Camp pain 1992 then your 2008, which were progressively difficult but 2016 has been brutal. While she was out there changing the world, her detractors are trying to knock her down with campaign lies and accusations which presaged what would happen during her administration. She has been relentless and for that, Hillary has made herstory as well as history and must be congratulated. Kudos on all those surprise endorsements from Republicans and Democrats as well as from various well-respected American newspapers' editorial boards.

Hillery Clinton may become the first female leader of the free world. I have no political affiliation I'm not a Democrat and not Republican though some have tried to convert me.

How will The Donald handle his lying statements challenged by an intelligent, experienced woman with a long and established track record?

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