Madness Marching On

Submitted by ub on Sat, 03/17/2018 - 09:48

Are we marching straight towards madness? Believe it on not, it's Sunshine Week, This celebration of access to public information doesn't come easy and especially these days.

The week started with Americans students growing tired of the increasing deaths in US schools. Finding alternative viewpoints as U.S. students protest

In China, did their parliament members re-elect Xi Jinping as president for life?

Now, as Russians prepare to vote in a fixed election the government wants Russians to cast ballots saying that the vote will shape the country’s future. His major opposition was barred and none of the others enjoy the popular vote. The UK opens a probe concerning Russians

One American who has had nothing but praise for the Kremlin in the past is pushing back from the growing Russia investigation closing in on him as efforts continue to undermine the growing probe. Another FBI Director was just fired after the administration accused him of mishandling an investigation into the secretary of state's use of a private email server. He was blamed for not filing criminal charges and was accused of exerting undue and partisan influence over the probe. The former FBI director had no personal conflicts, as he did not oversee that inquiry. However, his wife ran for state office in Virginia as a Democrat.

Meanwhile, the administration keeps appointing hundreds of staffers to powerful positions across the federal government. Some have little-to-no government experience and come straight from the industries they are being tasked to regulate and oversee. Does this appear to make sense?

When will this madness ever end?

As one of the best who was hired and then fired secretary of state says, keep praying for America!