Make Love, Not War

Submitted by ub on Sun, 02/11/2018 - 16:06

First, adult content warning. We tried to make this post as family friendly as possible but considering the subject matter, its hard to make sure you're near a cold shower in case it becomes necessary.

Years ago, when I was much younger, a phrase was coined that went on to become the phrase that epitomized a decade of the hippie generation in the 1960's. Its real meaning is that love and yes sex is better than war. No one ever died from love and this still applies on this eve of Valentines Day.

Do it loud: During the lovemaking, it must be loud. While you are involved with your sexual lover, scream out loud. This will ensure it is never forgotten. In 100 years, you can say to your sexual lover, “Remember when?” and your sexual lover will say to you, let's do it better next time.

Do it so well that you win an award: One of the top ways to make love so well that you win a prize or trophy for how good it is. Then if ever asked, say... I won a prize for Good Lovin.

Light a ring of sexual Torches: Heat up your mattress with a sensual flame while you make love like a master.

Sweating: What is sexual juice? It is wine, the juice of love. If you want orgasms, sweat wine out of your pores. You and your sexual lover can lick the wine off of you and it will be delicious and you will both become sexually aroused.

Be damp: What is damp? Damp is the most sexual wetness. This is why, when you engage your sexual lover, you must be damp. Before you do it, mist yourself in steam. This will make you not too wet and not too dry: Damp. Then when you and your sexual lover are inside of each other, you can enjoy the sexual dampness, and you can go insane with lust.