Man Shot with BB Gun Near Brox Zoo

Submitted by ub on Fri, 06/10/2011 - 21:33

A NY man was struck by a BB pellet which nearly missed his toddler son while they were outside the Bronx Zoo's Asia Gate. He warns others not to park there after this expeience.

Joshua Muldavin, 50, parked the family car on Bronx Park South near Daly Avenue and stepped out for air while his wife, Monica Varnsanyi, 39, waited in the car with their napping 19-month-old, Luke. This was their third visit to the Bronx Zoo, and they had parked on the same street once before.

The geology professor at Sarah Lawrence College says he was bleeding. He then got back in the car, rolled up the windows and was pulling away when another shot hit the top of the car, right by his son's window.
He says he heard laughing after each shot. They were laughing as they saw him get hit. Muldavin says he drove two blocks and called police. The 48th Precinct said the incident is under investigation, and that the pellet was fired from either a BB gun or a slingshot device.