Manila, Not Main Street

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A would-be dictator and BS artist has apparently won the presidential elections in The Philippines.

Filipinos are awaiting the official results of presidential elections after tough-talking political, maverick Rodrigo Duterte declared victory Monday.

Duterte, 71, a former Philippines mayor who has drawn comparisons to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, promised his people that he will "do my very best not just in my waking hours but even in my sleep." His main rivals Manuel “Mar” Roxas and Grace Poe have conceded defeat.

New Philippine leader seen as emancipator, looming dictator…

'Trump of The East' becomes The Philippines' new president via @usatoday

News Wrap: The Philippines elects its own ‘Donald Trump’ via @NewsHour

Philippines' election victor Duterte plans government overhaul via @Reuters

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Political demagogues turn into dangerous dictators, who are never productive leaders.

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If you think @realDonaldTrump is bad, wait till you meet Rodrigo Duterte