March Madness

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Don't take the bait... Trump and his cronies are talking about the numbers at his inaugural to change the subject of yesterday's huge global Women's march and rally focused on his actions..

The Women’s March on Washington had 3 times more people than Trump’s Inauguration, so do not allow anyone to post fake news, or tell you any different. The facts are in and the camera lens does not lie.

Millions joined international Trump protest marches around the globe

Crowd Scientists Say Women’s March in Washington Had 3 Times More People Than Trump’s Inauguration

Ambling for civility: Vast crowds gather to protest Donald Trump via @TheEconomist

Women lead unprecedented worldwide mass protests against Trump via @Reuters

People across the world rally for women’s rights… via @NewsHour

The Trump administration spent its first full day in power complaining about media coverage via @mashable

Mothers, Daughters, Sisters And Men Unite To Protest Trump's Presidency

Inside the Historic Women's March on Washington via @RollingStone