Margarita Snack

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My late and great ‘Mi Mama, Margarita” made it her favorite snack. I would like to share it with all of you and say try it, you’ll like it.

During The roaring 1920s, a Cuban socialite named Elena Ruz Valdés-Fauli asked a chef to prepare a sandwich for her with turkey, strawberry preserves, and cream cheese tucked inside in a sweet Media Noche roll at a Habana restaurant named El Carmelo. This was my late mom’s favorite and It’s best enjoyed with plantain chips and a Cuban Materva, an Ironbeer, or a Margarita.

Just in case you’re wondering if this is a healthy snack, or as my sweetheart calls it, a snake. Elena lived until she was 102 years old but my mom nearly reached ninety.

The History Behind the Elena Ruz, the Quintessential Cuban Sandwich…

Elena Ruz Sandwich