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Al-Shabab militants killed 147 at a university in Kenya, Africa. Terrorists rampaged through a university at dawn, in the group's deadliest attack in that East African nation. Four militants were shot and killed by security forces to end the siege just after dusk.

The masked attackers were strapped with explosives, while armed with AK-47 and singled out non-Muslim students at Garissa University. They gunned them down without mercy. Others ran for their lives with bullets whistling through the air.

Amid the massacre, the men took dozens of hostages in a dormitory as they battled troops and police before the operation ended after about 13 hours.

BBC News - Kenya attack: Garissa University assault 'killed 147'

Al Shabaab kills at least 147 at Kenyan university; siege ends via @Reuters

Terror attack over, 147 dead at Kenya university via @usatoday


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The Gruesome Photo of the Christians Massacred by Al Shabab at Garissa, Kenya, That is Going Viral on WhatsApp
We do not know who took this. The Kenyan government reportedly is trying to suppress it. But it gives a better sense than anything else you will see of the horror inflicted by the murderers from Al Shabab. (Graphic Content)…