Maurice A. Ferré

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During Hispanic Heritage Month #CityImages will continue to recognize Latinos who made their name through activism, writing, performance, art and by influencing and representing the people they serve.

Speaking of service, I met Miami’s first Latino Mayor as a cub reporter min Miami. Ferre will be remembered as an icon who helped South Florida develop into an international commercial hub and the gateway to The Americas.

Maurice A. Ferré was an American politician who served six terms as the Mayor of Miami. Ferré was the first Puerto Rican-born United States mayor and the first Hispanic Mayor of Miami.

Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre dies at 84…

Former mayor Maurice Ferré, considered the father of modern-day Miami, is dead…

#RIP Maurice - Vaya Con Dios #CityImages #DONews

Maurice Ferré, Miami’s First Hispanic Mayor, Dies at 84