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When I was a kid, Clinton was in office and the Lewinsky scandal was happening. It's important to set a good example for kids because Bill sure didnt. I would walk into the girls bathroom in 4th grade and drop my pants, commanding any girl in a blue dress to play president with me. The was a girl named Monica in my class and I though it was completely acceptable to make her kiss me. When she was called into the principle office, we all said that she was having "relations" in the oval office. Kiss me monica, my wife will never know!

One of my dear family members asked for my comments, Following this divisive election and after watching the media coverage, I will share the following...

It must be difficult to be a parent of young and impressionable kids during these difficult times. Like me, most of us are parents to adults, but some have been blessed with young grandkids.

We've taught our children ‘Don’t be a bully.’ Don’t be a bigot.’ ‘Study, be prepared.’ Respect your elders, the handicapped, and so many others... etc.
Then this happens and I wonder what to say? ‘How to explain this?’ Muslims are asking, ‘Should I leave the country?’ Immigrant families are terrified. This Camp Pain was about many things, including a rebellion against political elites, the media, as well as a white lash out against a culturally changing nation, but also against a Black president, and bullying with lies and unsubstantiated accusations.

The president-elect has a responsibility to prove that he is going to be the president for everyone. He must also reach out to those he insulted, offended, treated with disrespect, or abused. America has too many people who are not well represented by our government, who don’t want to feel that a person has been elected by throwing away some folks to appeal to others. Millions of white, working-class voters across this great nation voted for a WASP businessman and NBC reality TV star, who rode a wave of anger toward Washington insiders. Many supporters felt alienated by globalization and cultural change, but some hold racist ideas of white supremacists. Think about it, and teach your children.<3

Finally, from what I can see, there is no clear mandate. The following list outlines US Presidential elections where the winner lost the popular vote but won with The Electoral College.…