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When I first became a father, I would insist that my wife not smoke inside the car, while our children were present. Now, I must pass similar warnings along to all new parents and add that while some studies have come up with contradictory results, when it comes to cell phone radiation... Consumer beware!

This powerful industry is quick to point out that no direct links have yet been established between prolonged radio frequency exposure and a fatal illness, but it’s basic common sense to claim that extended smartphone radiation exposure can’t bring any benefits to anyone, young or old.

Therefore, keep in mind that prolonged use of smart phones, tables and laptop personal computers could be hazardous to our health.There are many cases when users have complained of headaches, dizziness and even a sudden onset of fatigue after long lasting exposure. Nowadays, with the exponential growth in popularity of mobile devices, radio frequency exposure went up a notch, because of the combination of multiple transmissions.

Besides regular electromagnetic wave bombarding caused by the carrier voice signal, exposure is amplified by cellular data network connection, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth emitters and GPS tracking.

Please note that Smartphones come with FCC warnings that these are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body.
 Select any of these names to see the warnings in the manuals.

When not using an approved body-worn accessory, always keep your cell phone more than 1 inch from your body…

T Mobile
Persons with pacemakers should always keep their phone more than six inches from their pacemaker…

This device may cause harmful interference…

When using data features, keep the cell phone at least 0.98 inches from your body… Keep your cell phone at least .98 inches from your body, especially the abdomen of pregnant women and lower abdomen of teenagers…

Apple i-Phones
Only use carrying cases, belt clips or holders that provide at least 5/8 inch separation between your body and the cell phone… When using a built in audio-reciever, always hold your cell phone with the dock connector pointed down toward your shoulder to increase your separation from the antenna…

Apple iPad
To increase separation from the antenna, located at the top edge, orient the iPad in portrait mode with the home button at the bottom…


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If you enter any public space these days, the number of people chatting on their cell phones might make you think nearly everyone owns a wireless device. According to this Marist Poll, that’s not far from the case. 87% of U.S. residents say they own a cell phone. Among Americans with jobs, the figure is even higher with 92% reporting they’ve gone wireless.

When it comes to walking and talking, age is a determining factor: 94% of Americans under 45 have cell phones, whereas slightly more than eight in ten Americans 45 or older tote the devices. Not surprisingly, family finances also affect cell phone ownership. 95% of Americans who report an annual household income of $50,000 or more own a cell phone as opposed to 82% of households taking in less than $50,000 a year.

Regionally, Northeasterners and Southerners lead the way. 89% of residents in those areas report owning cell phones, while 82% of Midwesterners and 85% of Westerners have the mobile devices.