Submitted by ub on Fri, 04/17/2015 - 16:40

As shooting and editing technology grows more advanced, less expensive-and new distribution platforms emerge almost daily, making documentaries has never been easier. Anyone can produce high quality content with a little assistance from those in the know.

But have these factors created a glut in the marketplace? How do you ensure that your film is distinctive, finds and audience, and leverages social media in a way that truly makes an impact?

Find out on Monday, April 27 from award-winning maverick journalist Jon Alpert and Simon Kilmurry, executive producer of public television's premier indie doc showcase POV, discuss the fine art of making films that make a difference in today's documentary landscape.

On Thursday, April 30: Reality TV: Creating content. Find out how reality TV programs are produced and learn which format make them successful.

A panel of experts shares what it takes to get hired on a reality series and how to create a hit! Seats are limited. Students and faculty are free with proper ID.

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