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It's going to be a local wedding that will also become massive a media event. She’s an MSNBC news anchorwoman. He’s the consummate White House natural food guru. Ms. Alex Wagner and Sam Kass, considered to be one of the high powered political couples are getting married near New Rochelle, NY.

Sam Kass, who likes cooking for the president and Alex Wagner, who serves platefuls of news tidbits are getting married this weekend in New Rochelle, N.Y, and President Barack Obama will be at the wedding.

Born in Washington, D.C., Alex Wagner is the daughter of a Burmese mother and a Midwestern father, who worked as a field director in Democratic campaigns, including Ted Kennedy’s 1980 presidential bid. President Obama will first attend two fundraising dinners, tickets to which cost $32,000 each and then return to the area to attend the wedding.

The media event/wedding will take place at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, a renowned restaurant/farm run by Dan Barber and a favorite of the Obamas.

Dan Barber Taught Michelle Obama What Really Good Vegetables Taste Like via @thebraiser