Submitted by ub on Mon, 10/03/2016 - 15:18

The media is best when it offers unbiased news and rarely views in editorials. It should also be from all angles and on every media platform and format available. However, today's media is in a state of confusion because the medium did not see any of this coming. Trust me, I'm not lying. The Donald has managed to trump the media and continues to get away with it each and every day.

Some may find it difficult to swallow these tactics and reject my bluntness. That doesn’t mean these points aren’t real. They are, and they’re being used to create and influence the news, which translates into views right now before our own eyes.

I hope most of you will be repulsed enough and begin to force necessary changes. Hopefully, some will read this and come to the realization I have: We’re all media manipulators. Publicists and bloggers and journalists as well as the public at large who consume some of the BS.

We have been trumped by the game of getting attention no matter whet is said, and at all costs. Spread the information that will get the most attention, tell the people what will shock them, and don't worry if its true or not. The next day, do or say something worse.

It’s a dangerous game. You may think that because we’re the ones feeding the monster, we are in control. Well, we’re not. He has been in control and may continue to do so until it might be too late.

The Donald may be incompetent or horrible, but in the final analysis, it doesn’t matter. if he thinks it is going to help his profits, who cares if he does it by putting taxpaying Americans against one another or by attacking or women, military veterans, Mexicans, Muslims... etc?