Submitted by ub on Thu, 03/22/2012 - 13:15

Our thoughts, our words, our dreams have power to create conditions in our lives.

Whatever we think, dream, or speak about; We could bring about or be attracting.

For instance...

If we say we cant stand our job, we may lose that position.

If we say we cant stand our bodies, we may wind up getting sick.

If we say we cant stand our possessions, they may get stolen or stop functioning.

If we keep saying we are always broke, then we will always be broke.

If we say we can trust this or that person, someone will hurt or betray us.

If we keep saying we cant find a job, we may remain unemployed.

If we say we cant find someone to love or believe in us, these thoughts are confirmed.

We must turn our positive thoughts and words into into faith, hope, love and action.

We can watch our thoughts, they become our words.

Watch our words, they become our actions.

Watch our actions, they become our habits.

Watch our habits, they become our character.

Watch our character, it becomes our destiny.

Never be afraid to believe that we can have whatever we want and deserve.

The moment we settle for less than we deserve, we may get even less than that.