Miss Housekeeping, Mary Trump

Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/01/2016 - 04:03

This is not only being written around 3 in the morning for a symbolic reason, but it is also dedicated to anyone who may have worked as "Miss Housekeeping," including Trump's mom, Mary Anne Smith Macleod.

When The Donald used the term towards former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado it could have been a racist remark, but it was apparently also extremely dumb and very personal.

He may have tried to show the lack of respect he has for all immigrant workers who support their families as housekeepers and domestic laborers, just like his own mom who reportedly entered the country as a tourist, but apparently overstayed and wound up taking a job as a domestic worker for Trump's father.

Perhaps he may be trying to forget this, but before he was a little rich boy, his poor mom was reportedly working as a housekeeper. According to published reports, it allowed her the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Trump's father, her future husband and to start a family in America.

Donald Trump may not value the dignity and work of immigrants like his own mom, even though he has obviously benefitted from their work, directly and indirectly. What is also HUGELY clear is that Donald doesn’t think before he speaks and perhaps has never known the first thing about the sacrifices required and the many difficulties associated with coming to a new country as a foreigner, as well as the dignity of completing a hard day of work.

So when Donald Trump attempts to denigrate anyone as “Miss Housekeeping,” it’s personal. Donald Trump not only insults his dear mother but apparently many other hardworking housekeepers and domestic workers everywhere.

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