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Bronx River Ramble


Fleetwood to Bronxville

Saturday, May 19th 10:00 – 1:00

OK, so we’re at Fleetwood. How do we get to the Bronx River from here? In this, the second leg of our “Missing Links” Bronx River Rambles, we’ll explore
the pathway gap between Fleetwood and Bronxville.

We’ll head north from Fleetwood Station through the southern reaches of Bronxville, an historic town named for the Bronx River . We’ll find our way to the Bronx River via
one of its tributaries, the little-known Laurel Brook, and find a stretch of parkland amidst a natural floodplain.

Heading north from Scout Field, we’ll explore another disconnected Bronx River Pathway before we get to a floodplain at Palmer Road in the heart of Bronxville, where
channeling and Parkway construction have created a chronic flooding condition. And there
we’ll find the spot where the regular Bronx River Pathway resumes, and follows the River
as far as Scarsdale .

Along the way we’ll learn about the history of Bronxville and the Bronx River Parkway, river management and morphology, a nineteenth century suburban development founded on patent medicines, a onetime artist colony with
a curious link to Custer’s Last Stand, and see where a youthful future president first learned his ballroom dance steps.

The tour is free, needs no reservations, and meets at 10AM Saturday, 19 May at the Metro North Harlem Line Fleetwood station.
There are trains to Fleetwood from Fordham twice hourly (departing 9:12 and 9:44 ) with a ride of less than 15 minutes (one-way fare $2.75; be sure to buy your ticket at the ticket machine at the station before boarding the train!)

This will be a walk of about 3 miles, and should take about three hours, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring snacks and water.
Return home from the Metro North Bronxville station (fare to the Bronx $2.75.) For information or directions call the Bronx River Alliance at 718-430-4665, or Stephen Paul DeVillo at 646-271-8223.