Submitted by ub on Sun, 06/26/2016 - 13:29

If your headline is weak, people will move on. Be the serpent charmer: draw in your reader and make them want to read what lies beneath.

Hype your own work, so If you don't share on social, how is anyone going to know it exists? Start a discussion, then keep it going. On the subject of engagement, how can others discover your work? Hyperlink your relevant content to continue drawing people in who want to learn more. Post once a week, or twice a month. Just keep it consistent.

KISS your audience. Keep it short and simple. If your blog is difficult to understand, your readers may get frustrated. Don’t give them a reason to move on. Make it easy, and utilize lists to keep their attention spans.

SEO Keywords and Hashtags: If search engines can’t find your work, how can your readers? If you aren’t using SEO techniques; your content will remain buried. Also, utilize hashtags, especially on social media so your content surfaces when people are searching for information related to your content.

Here are five we recommend: