Monster Storm

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Hello monster storm daddy

A powerful nor'easter is expected to bring snow, ice, rain, very strong winds, and rough surf to coastal locations of the Southeast U.S., Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and into New England Wednesday into Thursday. The potential exists for dangerous travel, scattered power outages, tidal flooding, and very cold wind chills

This is the first #winter storm watch of 2018 forecast to stretch from #Florida for #ice accumulation starts tonight, the first chapter of an East coast storm. Meteorologists say its either a monster storm they call a Snow Hurricane or Bomb Cyclone that is expected to bring wintry weather from Florida and Georgia and all the way up the coast to New England.

Monster Storm Forecast Move Up East Coast

Dangerous winter storm to target Northeast later this week

Winter storm forecast to dump snow from Florida to Carolinas

11 Dead From Cold as Winter Blast Ravages East Coast

The major winter storm will start hitting the U.S Southeast up through New England on Wednesday with freezing rain, snow, and strong winds, adding to record-shattering cold that is keeping its grip on much of the eastern United States. Eastern U.S. braces for winter storm as bitter cold remains…

NYC could get slammed by 'bomb' cyclone winter storm

What the heck is a bomb cyclone?

Bombogenesis: A Winter Hurricane, aka a 'Bomb Cyclone'