Moral Decay Power Grab

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Why did Trump go off the rails and burn bridges during a news conference for his supposed $1 trillion plan for infrastructure?

Folks on both sides of the aisle continue to respond after a political power grab and moral decay which included made up comments like alt-left and others that continue to mount on the part of the GOP's orange poop-on grand drag-in.

Is a so-called leader who does not allow discussion and insists on shouting down anyone who challenges him with inaccurate statements worthy of respect, or support? Have you had enough? Contact your representatives and let them know. Also, reach out to The White House with your ideas and suggestions. Tell the president that he works for and represents the entire USA, not the other way around.

Do you want the news without the drama? Have you overdosed on @POTUS? #ControlaltdeleteTrump

No respect was shown a day before public memorial services for Heather Heyer, who was killed in Saturday's car attack after a protest involving white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia. Heyer, 32, was a legal assistant at a law group in Charlottesville who friends say was outspoken about her views on racism.

These comments came a day after President Trump delivered incendiary comments on the deadly attack and again blamed “many sides” for the violence that occurred at an alt-right, Nazi loving white nationalist rally in a college town.

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