More Broken Promises

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Falling short on promises? It's been a month since he was elected and still a month before he's sworn in. Stop obsessing. Every other article is a criticism of Trump. This is your intervention ub, too much Trump drives off viewers. NY Times is loosing readers, don't make the same mistakes they do.

Donald J Trump continues to fall short on promises he made to the American people. His moves to cozy up with The Russians has apparently stopped him from holding an official news conference since July.

Why has Trump canceled his long-awaited press event about conflicts of interest until sometime next year? Where are his #TRUMPTAXES?

Donald Trump delays announcement on his businesses until January

Meanwhile, Trump continues to use his bully pulpit by distributing false claims through media friendly interviews and his infamous twitter rants.

Yes, Donald Trump, you can catch hackers, not in the act

White House suggests Trump benefited from Russia hacking…

Meanwhile, Melania Trump has pledged to fight bullying as the first lady, and LGBT youth need her to keep her promise