Moron 3.0

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Moore was once on the ballot but is he now off his rocker. Trying to keep up with Jones is difficult, especially if a moron does not want to face reality.

Republican Roy Stewart Moore served on the Alabama Supreme Court and then ran for Senator but lost. Are the GOP and their supporters responsible for making the fake news popular? It looks that way more and more.

Moore ran for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, but even with the support of Bannon and Trump, he was defeated at the polls by Doug Jones. He still refuses to concede even though the election has now been officially certified.

Doug Jones is the new US Senator from Alabama. A judge dismissed Moore’s lawsuit challenging the results of the December 12 election less than 24 hours after he filed it. Moore had argued that he was the victim of voter fraud.

Mr. Moore still has not conceded his losses in the 2006 or 2010 Republican primaries for governor. There’s speculation that he might run for governor or attorney general next year, or maybe he'll be appointed to a high court by his athletic supporter. Meanwhile, expect a knockdown, drag-out uncivil war in Congress next year.

Alabama certified Doug Jones as the winner of this month’s special Senate election after a judge denied Roy Moore’s effort to halt the process

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Roy Moore Has Officially Lost the Election…

Roy Moore Has Officially Lost the Election…

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