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Detroit's collapse into bankruptcy was after 50 years of neglect. The bottom line is that citizens there stopped fighting each other and started working together.

Now a few dozen local and national industry leaders, including Quicken Loans, which has brought hundreds of jobs to downtown Detroit are promoting TECHWEEK

Many of Detroit's emerging success-stories across technology, including those in finance, startups, health, e-commerce, fashion, makers and more will be recognized and discussed at Techweek Detroit.

One of Detroit success stories is CCS which has helped it transform itself into a creative and cultural hub. There is the Walter and Josephine Ford Campus, which is next to the world-class encyclopedic Detroit Institute of Arts, and near to the new Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. The Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education is one mile south in a 760,000-square foot National Register of Historic Places building.

The Motor City is one of America's Hottest Cities of the Future, Detroit’s Creative Corridor is home to 4,000 creative sector employees, 200 individual creative sector companies, and $640 million in aggregate annual revenues.

Detroit features a creative industry sector, including production studios, advertising agencies, and other media communications concerns. Metropolitan Detroit has the highest concentrations and quantities of commercial and industrial designers of all U.S. metropolitan regions. Detroit’s professional creative industry is the third largest private sector employer in the city, with over 10 thousand employees.