Mulling Over Mueller

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What did we do during our Summer vacation? We watched Mueller's many legal motions. AP source: Mueller turns to DC grand jury in Russia probe

US Special counsel Robert Mueller empaneled a Grand Jury in Washington, DC to see the evidence investigators have obtained about the Trump team’s ties to Russia. Everything you wanted to know about the Grand Jury

Mueller’s move to impanel grand jury in Washington signals Russia probe is ramping up…

Mueller and his A-Team of attorneys have been working for weeks and this will now make their task easier to obtain documents and witness testimony. Special Counsel Mueller using grand jury in federal court in Washington as part of Russia investigation

Subpoenas have been issued to probe a meeting between Russians and the president’s son, Junior Don. Grand jury issues subpoenas in connection with Trump Jr., Russian lawyer meeting, according to sources.

There also is a grand jury working on the case out of Virginia. Mueller taps Washington grand jury in Russia probe

The probe is said to extend to possible financial crimes beyond the 2016 election. One year into the FBI's Russia investigation, Mueller is on the Trump money trail @CNNPolitics

@POTUS says Russia Investigation “a fake story,” says Trump as he campaigns in West Virginia. Trump blasts Russia investigation as Mueller convenes grand jury…

Meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump who once said he knew more than the generals is now asking for their help, one at a time. Trump's generals are trying to save the world—starting with the White House

And let's not forget about Captain Crunch. Campaign Legal Center requests investigation of Steve Bannon…

How Congress could protect the special counsel from what’s headed his way. Could Congress Simply Codify the DOJ Special Counsel Regulations?…

Contrary to what you've heard. this is not a witch hunt. Special Counsel Robert Mueller Reportedly Impanels a Second Grand Jury: A Few Thoughts

Mueller’s use of a grand jury confirms what we already knew; there is likely more than just smoke here. Opinion | Why Mueller's use of a grand jury confirms what we already knew

Crossing Trump’s “red line,” waiting for @POTUS Twitter barrage. Mueller Crosses Trump’s ‘Red Line,’ as Aides Pray Trump Behaves