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Today is Election Day, and if you value the work government has accomplished, then please go to the polls and cast your ballot.

#VOTED and all voters must know to have photo identification, like a driver's license, ID card, or other #DMV issued document.

Any American citizen may use military and veteran’s IDs, some student IDs, tribal or a @USAGov certificate of naturalization, or #USA passport.

It should be an honor and a civic privilege #SaveTheCountry …

QUESTION: As states engage in redistricting processes, while others revise election laws, and as the federal government considers new federal voting legislation, #CityImages asks to examine the historical and contemporary role of the federal government in state elections to determine if it should regulate states’ election procedures.

Pat Stokes Image This City Islander is retired, and does not read the paper, or watch the news. Pat walks and takes It easy not letting the noise drive her crazy.