N-O-B: YES or NO?

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, lets call him N, he told US Congress that he does not support any nuclear deals with Iran and USA. What do Americans say about Netanyahu's visit to US? (+video)

US is trying to broker a deal with Iran's nuclear program, so its solely used for peaceful purposes like electricity. Part of the deal the US proposing limits Iran’s nuclear capabilities for 10 years. President Obama, lets call him O, he asked Congress to refrain from pushing for sanctions on Iran for the time being. The leader of the US House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner, (no, his named is not pronounced that way.) Let's call him BO Anyway, he broke protocol because The White House was not consulted before the invitation, and by inviting N to speak anyway. BO is now apparently supporting a bill, which restricts O in future negotiations.

N: Warned that if US gives Iran a nuclear inch, it’ll make a weapon. That the US is settling for a bad deal and should walk away from it and when the decade is up, Iran will build a nuclear weapon.

O: Replied that it was nothing new. He said that N did not mention how to deal with Iran and that without a deal, Iran will just continue trying to build a weapon. Iran said the speech was boring and repetitive.

The deadline for the nuclear talks is up at the end of this month. While this may have given N a boost with some people in Israel, where he happens to running for re-election this month, it has managed to strain the US-Israeli relationship. What say you? Respond below, or e-mail:

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