National Lighthouse Day

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National Lighthouse Day recognizes efforts to preserve lighthouses as important historical symbols in America by
paying tribute to lighthouses from sea to shining sea.

Today is National Lighthouse Day, a good time for trivia about the 400-plus maritime markers. Their purpose in today's digital age remains the same as when a rudimentary beacon went up in Massachusetts in 1673 keeping ships from running aground.

Establishing a federal system of lighthouses was one of the earliest acts of the first gathering of Congress, passed on Aug. 7, 1789. To commemorate, they're on vacation.

Visit a lighthouse or two and see about understanding what the lighthouse specifically protected against. Was it just fog and to alert captains of land close by, or are there rocks in shallow water, reefs of danger just beneath the soft waves, or maybe a more disastrous effect, like whirlpools or cliff edges instead of a port?

Sometimes a lighthouse existed both as a shipping warning and a guard post from when local militia and army forces were stationed to defend against coastal attackers. Or if you're not near any lighthouses, share pictures you find enjoyable of lighthouses to those nearby or over social media. Enlighten them on what a lighthouse does if they want to know.

Or perhaps you may wish to build a miniature lighthouse, setting it up high in a room so the light spirals around in the same effect. This little adventure into modeling can spark conversations for years to come and is something that may just bring you one step closer to being the master of a lighthouse yourself some day.

We are sharing this favorite story about NYC lighthouses.

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National Lighthouse Day is Monday; take a look at Cape Fear’s lighthouses