Submitted by Admin on Mon, 03/09/2015 - 16:36

We have good news and bad news. First, the good news. TODAY is National Napping Day. The opportunity provides time to adjust after changes to daylight savings when losing an hour of sleep due to ‘springing forward’.

Birds do it, bees do it and even Supreme court Justices do it. So, if you're driving somewhere, pull over at a rest area and take a well deserved nap.

Mid-afternoon naps are an integral part of most cultures, and scientifically proven to be good for you. Here’s to justifying a few hours of well deserved nap.

The bad news is for parents of young children: A recent study from Australia claims that guys older than 2 don't benefit from a nap. The researchers add that it may well prevent them from sleeping well at night.

The Queensland University of Technology in Australia findings wre published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood.