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Wicked winter weather has packed a wallop of snow everywhere in USA except Florida.

This brutal storm has been blamed for 18 deaths is expected to deliver one final force of falling snow, rain and sleet as warmer air begins to move in.

The nearly weeklong storm took a big toll from Texas to New England, producing a messy mix of ice-slicked roads, power outages and whiteout conditions that have battered millions of Americans enduring an already punishing winter.

The significant winter storm which brought heavy snow and ice to places from the Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic continues its track along the Northeast coastline tonight and tomorrow morning. Heavy snow will continue for the Northeast, but will begin to taper off from south to north through the morning hours on Friday. Warmer air streaming in off the
Atlantic should keep most of the precipitation as rain for coastal New England, with some mixing in of sleet or freezing rain possible.

400,000 homes and businesses scattered throughout the South are without power following a vicious ice storm, millions more along the Interstate 95 corridor are struggling to dig out of more than a foot of snow in several regions of the country. Conditions will begin to improve as the storm pulls away into the Canadian Maritimes by Friday afternoon.