Natural Warnings

Submitted by ub on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 09:25

What's Mother Nature trying to tell all of us as she keeps bringing weird weather and providing US flu fears?

After dumping snow and ice across the South, wreaking havoc with air and road travel from Texas to the Carolinas, a serious storm takes aim on the Northeast. It is expected to dump over a half foot on portions of New England. Substantial travel delays, school cancellations and disruptions to daily activities in New England from the snowstorm.

Forecasters are calling for wintry precipitation and very cold temperatures in the east, unsettled weather likely from northern California to the Pacific Northwest.

Accumulating snowfall will bring travel implications from the southeast US to the Middle Atlantic, Northeast, and New England through Wednesday.

Very cold temperatures will likely bring a hard freeze to portions of the Deep South into Thursday. A series of storm systems will bring the potential for heavy rain, strong winds, and mountain snowfall from northern California to the Pacific Northwest.

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