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National Barn Dance was held 91 years ago in March and CITY IMAGES celebrates this anniversary of The National Barn Dance radio show broadcast from the historic WLS studio.

The Story of the National Barn Dance dates back to 1924. The National Barn Dance made its debut over WLS Radio/Chicago. The show was the first to blend folk and country music with rural humor.

Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, George Gobel, Andy Williams and Eddie Peabody were regulars on The National Barn Dance,which rapidly grew in popularity and was the idea behind Nashville's Grand Ole Opry.

The Windy City, also known as hog butcher to the world, along with the home of the blues, not to mention baseball's Wrigley Field and the delicious deep dish pizza. But country music radio? YOU BET.

WLS National Barn Dance - 1942 Rebroadcast For Our WWII Service Men - Pa...: via @YouTube

WLS National Barn Dance 1942 Rebroadcast-Part-2: via @YouTube