Neutering Net Neutrality

Submitted by ub on Mon, 12/11/2017 - 11:58

The FCC has a bad idea. It wants to abolish its regulations preventing Internet service providers from discriminating against web traffic based on its content are in danger and there's no time to waste if you want to stop it.

Streaming video websites would have been unthinkable in the days of the dial-up Internet because the network couldn’t handle the bandwidth required to transfer clips. With the advent of broadband and subsequent improvements to network infrastructure, bandwidth-intensive websites like YouTube have boomed in popularity. The increased carrying capacity of the Internet has opened up a world of possibilities and could be changed forever.

Increased bandwidth use is good for the public, but it’s a headache for Internet providers. Because most broadband services offer their customers unlimited bandwidth, there is no incentive for users to shy away from file-sharing, Skyping, and other bandwidth-hogging behavior. To continue offering unlimited access at the same speed, ISPs must find ways to either expand their capacity or discourage high bandwidth use. One of the solutions has been to decrease the download speeds of customers trying to use high-bandwidth websites.

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