Never Again

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The voices of survivors are powerful elements as suburban US House incumbents this fall try to defend repeated votes loosening #guncontrol in TX CA, NJ FL NY GA.... etc.

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Trump's tweets blaming the Florida shooting on the FBI's Russia investigation is an attack on all 35,000 FBI agents. Trump is at war with #USA. He should be ashamed, but he has no shame, nor brains. #IMPEACHTRUMP #TRUMPTAXES

As a nonprofit and academic administrator, I wonder if a nationwide academic movement finally shakes Congress out of its stupor? The USA appears incapable of solving a scourge that exists nowhere else on earth.

While The NRA stuffs millions into the pockets of our elected officials, why does America stan idle while many are slaughtered by criminals using assault weapons? How many more lives will be lost, leaving loved ones devastated and too many broken dreams before our so-called leadership put a stop to the madness?

The internet trolled #Congress and #TheWhiteHouse for a roast-worthy habit of turning their heads while doing nothing besides accepting donations. #NeverAgain

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Contact elected officials and demand legislation now or support a representative who will work for all of US.