New Fordham Street Condos

Submitted by ub on Wed, 07/02/2014 - 10:12

Greystone Development Corporation continues its huge construction project on the corner of Fordham Street and Place.

City Island Images was asked about the early morning noise being made as they build approximately 43 condominium units, or two family homes in 22 buildings.

According to NYC building rules and regulations, construction is allowed between 8a-6p Monday thru Friday. and 10a on weekends.

Some locals told us they never witnessed soil contamination being cleared, although Greystone claims no contamination was ever found. Two feet of landfill is being added to the existing surface before the heavy construction begins.

Their plans are for another gated community, including a separate area to provide for public waterfront access.

Another City Island resident asked City Island Images to find out about prices for these planned units because they are interested in purchasing one of them. We reached out to Greystone and they told us they will soon be making a few new announcements. We did learn that these units will each have two parking spaces. Building security is also included in the budget and be paid by individual homeowners.…