Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 16:07

Now that we are half way between the 2014 New Year and the upcoming 4712 * Asian New Year 馬 Mǎ Horse 午 Wǔ. (More about this in a future posting) City Island Images decided to ask our readers about your individual new year resolutions.

First let me say that I think most have stopped making New Year’s resolutions altogether because like me, they can not follow through.

Whether your resolution is to stay the course, or you've decided not to get involved in office politics, or to eat healthy, lose weight...etc.

I am doing this because I need some good ideas from you. Over the past several years, I've unfortunately failed miserably.... HELP!

Do you know why resolutions fail? Can you share your successes? Please e-mail us your favorite three and we'll take a survey to see which the tops ones will be:

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NYC, NY 10464

The winning entry will receive a valued prize