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New York State has been ranked 20th in it's beach water quality out of a total 30 states tested.

New York is the only state with both marine and Great Lakes coastlines. There are 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline, 231 miles of shore-front on Long Island Sound, 548 miles of Long Island bay-front, and 83 miles of shore-front on islands off the Long Island coast. In addition to these marine coastlines, there are more than 200 miles of freshwater shoreline on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Nearly all of the state's coastal beaches are on Atlantic waters. The coastal beach monitoring program in New York is administered by the New York State Department of Health. The New York City Department of Health posts closings and advisories for beaches in the New York City area. Additionally, beach-goers can learn about advisories and closings in the Great Lakes areas on the Beach-cast website.

Summer 2014 is filled with opportunities to improve water quality throughout the United States and to better protect people's health in the process. Everyone can now support a long-awaited rule to enhance protections for small streams and wetlands—these waters can minimize polluted runoff that contributes to poor beach water quality, and can filter out contaminants that promote algae blooms.

State and federal officials have ample legal tools today to rein in storm-water pollution at the city and regional scale. And beach managers can use a new and important tool, the health-protective Beach Action Value developed by the EPA, to make swimming advisory decisions that more fully safeguard public health.

Bronx American Turners 60 22%
Bronx Danish American Beach Club 60 7%
Bronx Locust Point Yacht Club 60 7%
Bronx Manhem Beach Club 57 11%
Bronx Morris Yacht And Beach Club 69 7%
Bronx Orchard Beach 57 0%
Bronx Schuyler Hill Civic Association 57 0%
Bronx Trinity Danish Young People'S Society 57 12%
Bronx West Fordham Street Association 66 23%
Bronx White Cross Fishing Club 63