News Underneath Headlines

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Norway maniac now claims he was bullied and never loved. Many admit he is truly crazy if he thinks that anyone will feel sorry for him.

Citizens are outraged to learn that cancer-stricken 9/11 responders have been cut out of Zadroga health bill.
Scores of first responders believe they contracted cancer due to the time they spent at the toxic World Trade Center site.

Transportation Security Administration is refusing to hire a man with one hand as an airport employee.
Mike Constantino, who is a former boxer claims that he is able to work as a screener for the TSA.

Bronx flood waters, which were waste deep recedes as experts try to determine the cause, as well as how much damage it caused. The hundred year old water main break was reported this morning near Jerome Avenue and East 177 Street.

The flooding played havoc and disrupted bus and subway morning travel for New York commuters and residents of Morris Heights.