Submitted by Admin on Mon, 10/07/2013 - 03:02

Over the past few years, political leaders have gone out of their way to try to create fear in the markets, by manipulating finances and making others bend. And every year international investors pay for it.

The US debt has grown to $18 trillion, and there’s not much to show for it. There is too much conflict, while the unemployment problem continues to be unacceptable.

US debt-ceiling fights and a fiscal cliff fiasco return every year like Christmas, with little reason to be joyous.

The US government shutdown hasn’t happened in 17 years. While it is extremely serious, it is the warm-up act for what will become an extremely alarming debt-ceiling fight.

Over the years since the financial crisis, families from all over the world have been forced to balance their own budgets. Difficult decisions are made each and every day across the globe. And we should expect nothing less from our leaders, but to lead us out of this mess.

The whole world is watching and waiting for international leaders to fix the problems they have allowed to occur, while individuals are forced to make extremely difficult decisions.

Take a hard, long look at our world leadership, or lack thereof and you may agree that it's time for a massive adjustment. Perhaps it is time to replace our politicians for our earth's survival.