No CSPAN, No Problem

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Rebellious Democrats are holding an extraordinary around-the-clock protest on the House floor in their failed attempt to demand votes on gun-control bills, shouting down Speaker Paul Ryan when he attempted to restore order. This one is must CSPAN TV

US House of Representatives Democrats took a hike down the information super highway yesterday morning and turned to internet technologies like Facebook's live-streamed video to get their message out after the in-chamber cameras were systematically shut off.

Dozens of members of Congress disrupted the normal order of the US House of Representatives today, staging a “sit-in” on the floor until the legislative body agreed to vote on the so-called “no fly, no buy” bill, which would ban people on the no-fly list or “selectee” list from buying weapons.

“No bill, no break,” they chanted and decided to use one of the following links:
Congressman Scott Peters Government Official Page

Watch CSPAN US House Democrats continue to demand a gun control vote, while they shout over Speaker Ryan, who tries to gavel US House of Representatives back to order.

House GOP holds vote over Dem 'sit-in' via @DCExaminer

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There are less than 3,000 people on the `Terror Watch List`

The influence of a special interest (the NRA) seems to be more
important than the will of the people.
90% of the people want background checks for assault weapons.

The Republicans won't even let it come around for a vote.
Because voting exposes their actual stance which is different than we the people.

So we can only guess at the reason.

1. The 2nd amendment rights of the 3,000 terrorists are more important than the rights of the people.
2. Because the wishes of the NRA (special interest) are more important than the rights of citizens.
3. Personally, they are only in it for the money they don't do it for their salary or the people who elected them.