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Many cultures and traditions place lots of thrust on paying respect to their senior citizens. In some communities and societies, children are expected to listen, learn and give back to their elders.

However, everyone knows that respect is a two-way street and it has to be earned. According to national polls, Wahington DC lost all respect long ago and may have a long way to go to get back its Mojo.

Respect is a quality seriously lacking in today's society. So, what the hell does it mean when our elected leaders insist on being mean?

Take a look at the following polls and see for yourself. The following are just the tip of the eyes... etc.

Washington Post-ABC News poll January 12-15, 2017

CNN/ORC Poll: Confidence drops in Trump transition…

American National Election Studies (ANES)

American Research Group


Behind the Numbers…

CBS News

Diageo/Hotline Poll

Fox News Poll


General Social Survey

Harris Interactive

ICR-International Communications Research


Pew Research Center

Polling Report

Public Agenda

Rasmussen Reports

Roper Center

State Polls

Survey USA

The Numbers Guy

TIPP Online

The World Public Opinion

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Trump enters office as most unpopular of at least last 7 newly-elected presidents, ABC/WaPo poll finds:

Delirious and depressing Donald has outdone himself!