Submitted by ub on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 10:01

My family and friends recently went to a restaurant and spent a couple of hundred dollars for food and drinks and I don't know if my limited diet plan had something to do with it, but I think eating out is totally overrated.

I know this sounds paranoid. But I know of many people who are convinced that some servers and chefs don't respect the food they place on our plates.
Counterproductive work behavior statistics indicate that six percent of service employees admit to having contaminated a customer’s food. That’s according to one study conducted by university researchers.

But according to a survey, with family, friends, and casual acquaintances, who over time have worked as restaurant servers or cooks, many claim to have done something vile, or witnessed someone else contaminating a customer’s food.

Some employees at fast food franchises are not to be trusted. But videos constantly appear of disgruntled workers putting odious things into the deep fryer. If you’ve eaten at a fast food place, at least three times in your life, you have consumed contamination.

But bad things don’t just happen at restaurants with discount menus. High end restaurants have also been responsible for customers eating crap.
The majority of the time, it occurs to too-demanding customers who are sending back their orders.

These are acts of food terrorism mainly occur to folks for being demanding and rude to the staff, and for having a reputation of being a terrible tipper. Nevertheless, these are really disgusting and there is no reason for this type of behavior, so prepare your own meals and take a break from rest au rant.

Finally, if you insist in going out and have dietary restrictions like me, keep in mind servers are there to assist you, but they are not there to solve your dietary dilemmas.

It boils down to a fundamental rule: Behave around people like the world doesn’t revolve around you.