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Donal Trump is about to turn a GOP's Convention into a Huge Infomercial. But don't allow The Donald to take credit for inventing this tactic. Another Republican crook who was impeached became the very first.

With film clips and images to go on, anyone might conclude that President Richard Nixon was the idol of voters, which was just the intention of his handlers. But he ultimately lost the presidency for lying.

Operatives for Donald J. Trump will try to mold the convention into something of an infomercial for their candidates. For most of American history, this could have been impossible, because usually nominees were not chosen until the delegates met, often after many ballots.

But in these times, with nominations so often locked up in advance, campaigns would be foolish not to try to turn them into a major marketing opportunity.

A mistake helped force Richard Nixon to resign his presidency and send senior staff members to prison.

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Do you remember D.B. Cooper? I'm watching this show on history channel and it's fascinating.

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Media Epithet.

My neighbor told me that he was D.B. Cooper. However, he was Chinese and also told me the Holocaust didn't happen, so I don't know if I can believe him.