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The following are a few of the city's sights -- Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry, Chinatown, Brooklyn and NY Botanical Gardens, The Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Prospect Park and the largest of them all is Pelham Park. There's Soho, Harlem, Chelsea, Coney Island, Orchard Beach, Roosevelt Island and Andy Garcia's favorite, City Island.

But New Yorkers don't ever let anything stand in their way, and certainly not weather so take your cue from the locals and make the most of your NYC tour. There's also plenty to choose from on Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway as far as plays are concerned. This City has some of the best live performances and theatre venues.
There's Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center...etc.

Grab some Java, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Beer, Wine...etc. You could get the frozen hot cocoa. Eat just about any type of food, which you may crave. Just name it!

Tour TV and Production Studios. Ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at where TV magic happens? This is your ticket. Visitors can see the sets of many familiar show and much more.