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Bronx Bright lights is how to describe the Garabedians' most amazing Christmas display in New York City. For 40 years their Pelham Parkway North house in the Baychester neighborhood has been a traffic-stopping must-see. It draws thousands of visitors every week during the holiday season.

Starting on the last Thursday in November and lasting until January 6, this place appears to comes alive. It attracts visitors and media outlets from all over the world.

On the first floor roof, baby Jesus rests in a manger surrounded by Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Kings. In the yard below, Beauty dances with the Beast while Liberace and Michael Jackson perform.

Nearby, Cinderella arrives in a horse-drawn carriage, Superman holds Lois Lane in his arms and Donald Duck eyes Marilyn Monroe and let's not forget Santa Claus.

Their Christmas display features over 100 mannequins, as this uniquely decorated yard developed over the years. The Garabedian family has been working on it since 1973, when matriarch Nelly Garabedian, who was a seamstress started out with three dolls that didn’t move.

The Garabedian Christmas display has become a Bronx tradition with onlookers sometimes backing up traffic for miles, they even has their very own Yelp page.

While the display goes up each year between Thanksgiving and Epiphany, painting, dressing and motorizing all the characters is really a year-round process.

This world famous Christmas display at the Garabedian house (1605 Pelham Parkway North can best be seen after dark.