NYC Community Boards Task Force

Submitted by ub on Thu, 05/22/2014 - 09:57


A NYC community activist has decided to launch an online Facebook group offering town hall type meetings to discuss various issues and invite everyone, including elected and appointed officials to solve pressing problems and answer the public's questions.

Founder Richard Jannaccio says that essential documents are being posted on The People's Task Force For The Improvement Of NYC Community Boards and points out that this site is not about finger pointing.

He underlines that this website is about understanding, evaluating, analyzing, discussing, and ultimately voting on how to re-write the rules to address existing problems also to try and prevent other potential problems with our Community Boards. Everyone will have an opportunity to propose, discuss and vote.

Jannaccio says "This week, we are filling our seats with people from all five boroughs. Then we will share our knowledge. Within 2 weeks, we should have proposals to introduce, discuss, and vote on."

He is asking everyone in this group to add friends who would be interested in participating. Especially people from Brooklyn. Manhattan, and Staten Island, as most of our members are currently in The Bronx or Queens.