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Thanks a lot, Mr. Mayor. Public health professionals say this is the largest outbreak in the history of NYC, and you've been serving as our public advocate for years. Legionnaires’ disease has been around for four decades, while city water-cooling towers are the prime culprit for this deadly disease.

NYC reacts to outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease - Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:…

What is Legionnaires' disease? via @usatoday

86 cases of Legionnaires’ disease confirmed in South Bronx

86 cases of Legionnaires’ disease in NYC via @worldnetdaily

A Belated Look at New York’s Cooling Towers, Prime Suspect in Legionnaires’ Outbreak

What Is Legionnaires' Disease? 4 Dead, More Than 71 Sick From Bacteria Spread Through Water Droplets…

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The two talk poly ticks, but are birds of feather, who've done nothing about this individually, or together!